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Tube Mills - General

Quick Specs:

, MotorType = Shunt Wound, HP = 5, Enclosure = TENV, Voltage = 180, RPM = 1750/2300


DC Motors & Controls


RPM III, DC Shunt Wound, SCR Drive Motors, 240V Armature 240V Field, Power Code C


Textile range drives, roofing machines, tube mills, and similar Applications.


Range drive motors have matched IR drops within approximately 5 volts and good regulation characteristics out to the maximum field weakened speed of 2300 rpm. Capable of operation at 25% base speed with 67% armature current and motor field pre-weakened to 2100 rpm. Specially designed for use on multi-motor drives operating on a common voltage power supply such as textile range drives, roofing machines, tube mills, etc. F-1 mounting. Tach adaptable with thermostat. * Splash-Proof Guarded (SPG) is an open machine in which the ventilating openings are so constructed that successful operation is not interfered with when drops of liquid or solid particles strike or enter the enclosure at any angle not greater than 60 degrees downward from the vertical.
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