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How to Search by Application




From bathroom fans to a pump for a pulp mill, these Tags can help you Search for the Application you need.


Of course Price is important and you can filter by that.

You can also zero in on what you need by Category:

And when you get to where you need to be, you're going to need it to meet the Specifications of what you want.  Motors are based on the NEMA frame size and that is based on the Shaft size and the Horsepower.


To sort out the Specifications, you'll need to know this info':


When you've done it a few times, it's not as daughnting.  We've got over 40 years in this stuff so if you need a hand ...

Here's some Tags to help:

Keywords & Tags Keywords & Tags Keywords & Tags Keywords & Tags
3.3" Diameter Blower Assemblies Conveyors Fan
4.4" Diameter Brake Cooling Tower Fan Coil Unit
5.0" Diameter Buffers Cow Cooler Farm
5.6" Diameter Building Crane Feather Picker
900 Series Reducers Bulk Fuel Terminals Crop Dryer Fireplace
AC Micro Drive Capacitor Start Crusher Flue Exhaust
Aeration Carbonator Dairy/Vacuum Food Processing
Agitator Centrifugal Blowers DC Power  Foundries
Air Compressor Centrifugal Fan Definite Purpose Furnace Blowers
Air Conditioning C-Face Direct Drive Gear
Air Handlers C-Frame  Direct Drive Fan General Purpose
Arbor Checkout Stand Dirty Duty Grain
Attic Ventilators Chiller/Cooling Tower Draft Booster Blower  Grinders
Auger Circulating Drill Rig Harsh Duty
Automotive Circulator Pump  Duct Boosters Hazardous
Autophoretic Cleaner Replacement Pump Dust Collector Bags Heat Recovery
Axial Compressors Elevator  Heating
Belt Drive Condenser Fan Evaporator Highly Corrosive
Belted Fan Constant Or Variable Torque Explosion Proof Humidifier
Blower Converting Extruders HVAC
Keywords & Tags Keywords & Tags Keywords & Tags Keywords & Tags
Hydraulic Pump Packaging Right Angle Subfractional
Incubator/Hatchery Paint-Free Roofing Submersible
Indoor Blower  Paper Plants Rooftop Sump Pump
Instant Reversing Pedestal Fan Room A/C  3.3" Diameter Super-E
Inverter Pellet Stove Room To Room Tachometer Generator
Irrigation Permanent Split Capacitor RPMAC Vector Drive Textile Range Drives
Jet Pump Permanet Magnet SCR Drive  Three Phase
Kit Petro-Chemical Severe Duty Transfer
Lifting Magnet Generators Polishing Lathes Shaded Pole Transferring Fluids
Lifting Magnets Pool Shakers Tube Mills
Machine Poultry Duty Shunt Unit Bearing
Machinery Premium Efficient Shunt Wound Unit Heater
Metering Pump Pressure Washer Single and Three Phase Universal Series
Milk Pump Pulp Single Phase Vacuum
Mines Pump Soft Start Variable Speed Drives
Mixers Quarry Duty Space Heaters Variable Torque
OEM Refrigeration Specific Purpose Blowers Vector
Off Shore Drill Rig Replacement Pump  Split Phase Ventilating
Oil Burner Replacement Zero Milk Tank Stainless Steel Ventilator
Oil Field Repulsion-Start Induction-Run Steel Mills Vertical Pump 
Keywords & Tags      
VS1MX Drives      
Waste Management      
Water Heater      
Wound Field      
Yoke/Pedestal Fan      
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