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, MotorType = Three Phase, Enclosure = TEFC, Frame = 254TC, RPM = 2700


Inverter/Vector Motors & Controls


V*S Master, Severe Duty, Vector Drive, Three Phase, Totally Enclosed


1/2 thru 50 Hp NEMA 140T thru 320T


Conveyors, extruders, printing lines, converting, test stands, anywhere constant torque is required over a wide speed range. These Severe Duty motors are designed for harsh industrial environments by protecting motor components from moisture, chemicals, corrosion and abrasives.


Designed specifically for Inverter operation where up to 1000:1 constant torque speed range is required. Includes 1024 ppr hollow shaft encoder and three thermostats. Uses Dynapar HSD38M encoder on 180 frame and up. Meets NEMA MG 1, Part 31. Continuous constant torque to zero speed.
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